Frequently asked questions from travellers

Can you rent a bike in one town and leave it back in another town (one-way rental)?

Yes, some bike rental services will allow you to do this, on certain conditions and in specific areas.

One-way bike rental services

Is there a luggage transfer service on The Vélomaritime?

  • Accommodations labeled “Accueil Vélo” can offer you a luggage transfer service (free or paid and upon reservation) to the next accommodation. This can sometimes be complex to organize, especially if you are leaving for more than 3 days (you have to manage to find and coordinate the different accommodations that can do this). 
  • Several private companies can organize monitoring of your itinerary by transferring your luggage at each stage of your trip.

See baggage transfer/transport solutions

Is there a bike and passenger transport service on La Vélomaritime?

If you’re travelling with your own bikes and returning to your starting point is too complicated by train, here are some solutions:

  • Benoît from "Du Vent dans les Rayons" offers a bike and people transfer service between Brittany and Normandy (Roscoff to Caen). It’s a great option for situations such as needing to get back to your starting point to pick up your car. Although Benoît mainly works out of the Nantes area as he’s based there, he’s open to all requests.
  • Based in Roscoff, Gui Home Taxi offers a taxi, luggage transfer and bike transfer service (seven-seater car, a rack for two bikes and a trailer if there are more than two bikes).

How can I get to the Vélomaritime cycle route?

We make life easier for you with our interactive map and a summary of all the solutions and options for getting to the Vélomaritime cycle route – train stations and services, ferry crossings, other cycle routes and so on. 

How to Get to the Cycle Route