Luggage Transfer


  • Accommodation that is certified “Accueil Vélo” (bike-friendly) can offer you a luggage transfer service (free or paid for on booking) to the next accommodation site. This can be difficult to arrange yourself, particularly if you are cycling for more than 3 days.
  • Loc Vélo delivers bikes in Normandy and Brittany, starting from 2 bikes and they also provide a luggage transfer service.
  • Les vélos bleus provide a bike delivery service from Brest to Honfleur, as well as a luggage transfer service.
  • In La Manche, travel light with La Malle Postale. Thanks to a partnership with taxi drivers and hauliers in La Manche, you can have your luggage transferred from one accommodation site to another. La Malle Postale will transfer at least two items of luggage or more, up to 15 kg, starting at €20 per 45 km trail.