Luggage Transfers

Lighten your load and enjoy the Vélomaritime route even more

Make cycling along the Vélomaritime route a breeze by letting someone else carry your luggage! Here are a few solutions:

  • Accommodation that is certified “Accueil Vélo” (bike-friendly) can offer you a luggage transfer service (free or paid for on booking) to the next accommodation site. This can be difficult to arrange yourself, particularly if you are cycling for more than 3 days.
  • Les Trouvillaises offers to transfer your luggage at each stage of your journey (along the whole route).
  • La Malle Postale offers a luggage transport service from Roscoff to Isigny-sur-Mer.
  • Loc Vélo delivers bikes in Normandy and Brittany, starting from 2 bikes and they also provide a luggage transfer service.
  • Les vélos bleus provide a bike delivery service from Brest to Honfleur, as well as a luggage transfer service.
  • Ma Rando Facile offers luggage transport services in Brittany mainly.
  • Based in Roscoff, Gui Home Taxi offers a taxi, luggage transfer and bike transfer service (seven-seater car, a rack for two bikes and a trailer if there are more than two bikes).