The Opal Coast and the 2 Capes

An exceptional natural heritage

On 120 km of coastline, the Opal Coast combines varied landscapes of beaches, dunes, marshes, estuaries and cliffs.

Between Calais and Boulogne, Gris-Nez Cape and Blanc-Nez Cape are unavoidable. Grand Site of France since 2011, the Grand Sites des 2 Caps is remarkable for the diversity of its landscapes, the variety of environments and coastal villages. It is composed of a succession of gray Jurassic cliffs, white Cretaceous, dune sequences and large openings of bays bordered by capes. Gris-Nez, the oldest, bends his back under the weight of his 160 million years. The Blanc-Nez, upright, more proud, was born 70 million years later.


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