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27,16 km cycling route from Gravelines to Dunkerque

Leaving the fortified town of Gravelines, your Vélomaritime cycling adventure leads you to France's third largest port, Dunkirk. Known to the French as the home of naval adventurer Jean Bart, it has a major maritime heritage, celebrated at its Musée Portuaire and with its tall ship, Le Duchesse-Anne. Also do visit the Musée Dunkerque 1940 - Operation Dynamo, as well, of course, as the town's belfries, part of a regional UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Elevation of the stage

-1 m 0 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 18,58 km By road: 8,58 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 13,52 km Rugueux: 3,80 km Accidenté: 4,77 km Inconnu: 5,08 km

The route

The Vélomaritime route from Gravelines to Dunkerque is along segregated tracks (greenways or cycle paths). The stretch at the level of Grand-Fort-Philippe was being laid out at time of writing. 

⚠️ Important! Cycling is difficult between Craywick and Saint-Georges-sur-l'Aa at the moment, as building work is underway for new business premises. A temporary one-way system has been set-up on the RD17 road between Craywick and Saint-Georges-sur-l'Aa, and is frequently used by trucks. Dunkirk’s public authorities have provided an alternative route for cyclists (a diversion of around 2 km).

  • From Gravelines to Dunkerque:
    At Saint-Georges-sur-l’Aa, continue along the greenway towards Bourbourg until you reach the end of the greenway, north of the bridge crossing the A16 motorway.
    Go left northwards along the RD301. You can rejoin the Vélomaritime at the intersection between the RD301 and RD17. Follow the signposts for Loon Plage/Dunkerque.
  • From Dunkerque to Gravelines:
    When you reach the intersection between the RD301 and RD17, cycle southwards along the RD301 (shared road) towards Bourbourg.
    Just before reaching the bridge leading to Bourbourg, take the greenway on your right.  You can rejoin the Vélomaritime cycle route at the start of Route de Craywick (RD17). Follow the signpost for Gravelines. 


  • Nearby train stations: Gravelines Dunkerque (TGV)

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