Issue reporting tool

Flag up an issue or view issues currently affecting the Vélomaritime

To improve the quality of the Vélomaritime route, a reporting tool developed by Vélo et Territoires is available. The tool was tested on the Vélodyssée route in 2019 and has now been rolled out for other routes in France.

The main goal of the tool is to help public authorities to pinpoint any issues that have cropped up along French cycle routes and deal with them more easily. As a cyclist, you can also use the tool to check the state of a route.

Flag up an issue on the Vélomaritime route



How to access and use the reporting tool?

Click on the tool’s icon (red flag with an exclamation mark) on the bottom right of the map as you browse through the different stages of the route.

outil signalement la velomariitme

You will then able to:

  1. View any existing issues (obstacles, diversions, missing signposts) flagged up on the route to prepare for your journey. These issues may have been flagged up by other users or by the authorities in charge of the various sections. 

    Issues are allocated a status: resolved 🟢 (resolved issues only stay on the map for seven days following their resolution), work in progress 🟡, acknowledged 🟠, flagged up 🔴

  2. Flag up an issue you have come across during your journey along the route, giving details about the issue (type, photo, comment) and its exact location. When you flag up an issue, you can ask to be updated on its resolution if you like.

Flag up an issue on the Vélomaritime route


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