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28,50 Km
1 h 54 min
Le Vivier-sur-Mer

28,50 km cycling route from Le Vivier-sur-Mer to Mont-Saint-Michel

There it is, in front of you, drawing closer with each turn of the pedals – the magical Mont Saint-Michel! Heading for Normandy's medieval marvel by bike is surely the best way to approach the great abbey-topped island rising so startlingly out of the sea. A feast for the eyes, this stage also allows you to take in the charming bay-side village of Cherrueix with its windmills, St Anne's Chapel, the local marshes and polders, and the Couesnon River.

Elevation of the stage

8 m 0 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 22,23 km By road: 6,27 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 8,05 km Rugueux: 10,77 km Accidenté: 0,36 km Inconnu: 9,32 km

The route

At Vivier-sur-Mer, to avoid passing via the small industrial estate (zone artisanale), go via Rue des Ecoles. After this, the way is easy. You simply follow the Vélomaritime logo to reach the Normandy county of Manche. Take care at Cherrueix, close to its windmills – dismount to get onto the sea wall. Then cycling straight on, you arrive in the county of Manche. A footbridge allows you to cross the Couesnon River at Moidrey.


At the level of Vivier-sur-Mer, you can head inland for the historic small town of Dol-de-Bretagne (c.9 km away), designated a Petite Cité de Caractère for its rich heritage, with a halt along the way on Mont-Dol, a hill that offers exceptional views over the marshes and the whole Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel.
At the level of the footbridge over the Couesnon River, you can reach the centre of the town of Pontorson, which has a train station (4 km link)."


  • Nearby train stations: Dol-de-Bretagne, la Gouesnière and Saint-Malo.

Access and parking at the Mont-Saint-Michel for bikes

You’re allowed to cycle across the causeway and bridge.

There are 70 bike parking spaces available during the high season in the forecourt of the Fanils fortress at the foot of the mount (left-hand entrance - see the facilities). A parking assistant will be there to help you park your bike. ⚠️ the parking area is not guarded and doesn’t offer a baggage deposit service. The Plan Vigipirate (French anti-terrorist security plan) requires that no baggage be left on bikes.

Alternatively, you can leave your bike in one of the three parking areas further afield, all equipped with bike racks: P9 bike parking area; alongside the greenway near the dam; at Place du Barrage, on the side of the road leading to the mount.

Link routes and alternatives to this stage

This stage includes 4 liaisons (purple on the map)
Liaison 1
GPX track
Liaison 2
GPX track
Liaison 3
GPX track
Liaison 4
GPX track

Accommodation on the stage

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