A tour of the Pink Granite Coast

Distinctive coloured rocks

Let’s head for the Côtes d’Armor – no rose-tinted glasses needed here! Brittany is full of amazing treasures and the Pink Granite Coast is one of them. Feast your eyes on golden pink rocks and turquoise waters, and feel the wind in your hair as you pedal along this dazzling stretch of iconic Breton coastline. There’s so much to see it is hard to keep your eyes on the cycle path!

Rocks with a legendary hue

A series of wild landscapes unfold along the Pink Granite Coast between Perros-Guirec, the archipelago of Sept-Îles and the bay of Lannion. The sandy beaches, seaside resorts, otherworldly rock formations, customs trail, lighthouses, ports and islands adorning this corner of Brittany will more than ensure you get your fill of sea air and nature.

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Parcours à la carte

Must-see villages of the Pink Granite Coast 😉

Cycle to the most beautiful villages of the Pink Granite Coast during your trip. Whether you’re pedalling on the coast or just inland, it’s time to discover some real gems. If you think the uphill sections will take your breath away, just wait until you see France’s favourite village, Ploumanac’h, or the elegant town of Lannion. Simply park your bike in one of the spaces provided and off you go to explore the villages of Brittany!

  • Trégastel offers countless things to do, with its beaches, marine aquarium and the famous customs trail.
  • At Perros-Guirec, take a boat towards the Sept-Îles bird reserve and enjoy some exclusive glimpses of our feathered friends. Perros-Guirec itself is more than worth a detour too!
  • Ploumanac’h is one of Perros-Guirec’s former fishing hamlets. The French have voted it their favourite village! Fall under the charm of its lighthouse made of the pink granite stone so emblematic of this corner of Brittany.
  • 50% of the landscape around Trébeurden is protected. Nature has been returned to its rightful place here. Why not explore Milliau island on foot at low tide, or make a date with mother nature at Quellen marsh? Trébeurden is an open invitation to enjoy a stay that’s as green as it gets!
  • If innovation is your thing, the village of Pleumeur-Bodou is the place for you! The town is at the cutting edge of technology with its Cité des Télécoms. And the surrounding landscape has plenty to offer too, including Grande Island, with its fantastic view that’s just perfect for admiring the birds.
  • Lannion, the capital of the Trégor region! Escape the everyday as you leisurely explore the flowery streets of this listed town, letting your mind wander to your heart’s content. Climb the 140 steps leading to the church, and then look up – you won’t be disappointed!

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The most beautiful spots for taking photos on the Pink Granite Coast 📸

Squeeze on the brakes and grab your camera! The shore along the Pink Granite Coast is amazingly photogenic. Addicted to Instagram? Working as professional photographer? We challenge you to resist the urge to wander along the beach and capture the moment! The most beautiful views will be yours in a click to savour for a lifetime. This coastline beats a tropical island any day! Here is our selection of great places for taking photos during your stay 👇🏼

  • The Gouffre de Plougrescant 
  • The archipelago of Sept-Îles and its birds
  • The beach at Saint-Guirec
  • The pink granite lighthouse at Ploumanac’h
  • Trégastel rocks
  • The customs trail
  • Ploumanac’h point

✅ There are so many activities to enjoy on the Pink Granite Coast!

☐ Treat yourself to a horse ride on the beach
☐ Take sublime sunset photos on one of the beaches of the Pink Granite Coast
☐ Go seashore foraging with all the family
☐ Admire the pink granite lighthouse at Ploumanac’h
☐ Sail around the islands of the Sept-Îles archipelago
☐ Fill your baskets at the market in Lannion
☐ Visit Ploumanac’h, the favourite village of the French


ℹ️ Practical information about the Pink Granite Coast

Locating the Pink Granite Coast on the map
The Pink Granite Coast is in Brittany, in the Côtes d’Armor department. It’s in the area historically known as the Trégor, which was one of the nine former provinces of Brittany.

Where did the Pink Granite Coast get its name?
The Pink Granite Coast owes its name to the colour of the granite rock found along the shore here.

Towns on the Pink Granite Coast 
The main towns are Trégastel, Perros-Guirec, Ploumanac’h, Trébeurden, Pleumeur-Bodou and Lannion.

Staying on the Pink Granite Coast
There are plenty of places to rest your weary legs after a day of pedalling along Pink Granite Coast. As a family, why not try out a campsite or a holiday rental? It’s worth spending a few days on the Pink Granite Coast to soak up every last bit of the amazing landscape!