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47,49 km cycling route from Deauville to Honfleur

You may feel a twinge of regret having to leave the chic resort of Deauville, with its wide beach backed by its famed Planches boardwalk. The Vélomaritime route then takes you via a way lined with apple trees on to Pont-l'Évêque, a great stop for those who love their food, as well as Calvados apple brandy! Enjoy the beautiful ride through the green meadows of the Pays d’Auge area, where the finest thoroughbreds are trained for horseracing and where the cows produce milk to make the finest Normandy cheeses. At the end of this stage, you arrive at the historic port of Honfleur, one of the first spots to inspire the Impressionists.

Elevation of the stage

284 m 292 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 13,52 km By road: 33,96 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 17,10 km Rugueux: 7,80 km Inconnu: 22,59 km

The route

The Vélomaritime route is signposted between Deauville and Honfleur, taking you behind the coast. There are two stretches along greenways, across Deauville racecourse and, later, alongside the Calonne River after Pont-l'Evêque. In between, there are stretches along roads shared with motorized traffic through the Touques and Morelle Valleys. The arrival in Honfleur takes the benefit of a greenway crossing the natural site of the hunting basin and leading to the old port.


Connection from the route to Pont-l'Évèque station.

Alternatives Normandy Bridge

To cross the Normandy Bridge safely, there are several alternatives:

  • Book a ticket for you and your bike on the no. 122 Caen <> Honfleur <> Le Havre bus service. Buses are equipped with racking for four bikes. It is a booking-only service. Further information
  • Get your bikes and luggage transferred by Les Trouvillaises, at a cost of €80 for two bikes (€25 per extra bike), while you hop on the no. 122 Caen <> Honfleur <> Le Havre bus service.


  • Nearby train stations: Deauville Pont-l'Évêque (mainline)

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This stage includes 1 liaison (purple on the map)
Liaison 1
GPX track

Accommodation on the stage

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