La véloroute du littoral vers Fécamp © Seine-Maritime Attractivité - V. Rustuel
Rando vélo à entre Arromanches et Port-en-Bessin © Grégory Wait - Calvados Attractivité
Pointe de Primel - Plougasnou © CRT Bretagne - J. Piriou

Must-see Viewpoints

Our top 8 panoramic views on La Vélomaritime®

The Primel headland in Plougasnou

Leave your bikes on the wayside, just after the seaside campsite and enjoy an incredible view of the Bay of Morlaix and the Island of Batz, in fine weather.


Where is it? Just 1 km (~ ½ mile) from the cycle route on the Plougasnou <> Morlaix trail / 48.715142, -3.816120



The Tourony Beach in Trégastel

At the back of a small inlet located between Ploumanac’h and Saint-Anne Bay, the little Plage de Tourony is a particularly scenic spot. The beach is dotted with granite rocks around which the sea creates blue lagoons.


Where is it? On the Perros-Guirec <> Lannion trail / 48.828467, -3.495552


Pointe de la Roche Torin to Courtils

From here, you will enjoy an unusual view of the Mont-Saint-Michel and Tombelaine between the grasslands and salt meadows.


Where is it? Just 500 metres (547 yds) from the cycle route, on the Ducey > Mont-Saint-Michel trail / 48.643414, -1.425388



Arromanches, overlooking one of the D-Day landing beaches

There is a fantastic view of Port Winston and the extensive Gold Beach from around the Arromanches 360 circular cinema.


Where is it? Coming into Arromanches from the east, on the Ouistreham > Arromanches-les-Bains trail / 49.339054, -0.617531



The Séneville signal station in Fécamp

Before beginning your ride down to Fécamp when coming from Saint-Valery-en-Caux, enjoy the breath-taking view from Cap Fagnet. At 105 metres (344 ft), this is the highest point on the Alabaster Coast. You can see as far as Etretat.


Where is it? On the Saint-Valery-en-Caux > Fécamp trail / 49.766837, 0.370964



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The white road between Le Hourdel and Cayeux-sur-Mer

The old road is now for bikes and pedestrians only and it has a belvedere with a stunning view of the Bay of the Somme. If you look really hard, you might even see some seals!


Where is it? On the Le Crotoy <> Cayeux-sur-Mer trail (available online shortly) / 50.213467, 1.543955




View of Wissant Bay

A few kilometres (couple of miles) past Escalles heading to Wissant, you will be riding on farm tracks. From here, you can see Wissant Bay and its 12-km (7 ½-mile) long sandy beach.


Where is it? On the Calais <> Boulogne-sur-Mer trail (available online shortly) / 50.904556, 1.705184



Old farm in Zuydcoote

As you ride through the centre of the Dewulf Dune nature reserve, you will wonder at the sight of this old farm built in 1910.


Where is it? On the Bray-Dunes <> Dunkirk trail / 51.062222, 2.479722

Ferme Nord Zuydcoote


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