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Cherbourg / Brix
A short section of the route then takes you from the biggest artificial harbour in the world (dating from 1783) to another highly significant historical location - one associated with the Normandy Brix family, whose most illustrious descendent is Robert the Bruce. Visit the Castle ruins; and, if you are passing through in October, take a tour of the traditional St. Denis market.
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The exit from the ferry terminal gives ready access either to the centre of town and the train station, or to directly start the route on small roads that will take you to the Château des Ravalets.  The hilly ground makes it slightly arduous going in places, but this is quickly forgotten thanks to the spectacular views over the Ville de Cherbourg and its huge man-made harbour; you then connect up with shared routes over the hills of Cotentin.

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Railway lines

  • Saint-Lô Train Station
  • TER to Cherbourg, Caen, Rennes.

Not to be missed

Take time to enjoy a boat trip and the water sports at Cherbourg Harbour.  The ‘Cité de la Mer’ is dedicated entirely to the underwater world, and boasts, amongst other exhibits, the ‘Redoutable’ - the largest submarine in the world open to visitors.   Near Cherbourg, the Chateau of Ravalet (also known as Tourlaville) is a superb Renaissance castle built from blue schist, complete with a landscape garden classified as a ‘Jardin remarquable’ and a large, domed greenhouse that has been awarded monument status.

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